THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL Featurette: “Creating a Hotel” 21 Mar 2014
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL Featurette: “The Story” 22 Feb 2014

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Wes Anderson’s adventure comedy THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and learn about the rich story behind one of the most anticipated films of the year.
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL hit select theaters March 7, 2014!

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – Meet the Cast of Characters 20 Dec 2013
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL: “How To Make a Courtesan au Chocolat” 13 Mar 2014

I see,Cream puff + Choco Custard Cream + Color Icing!
Every part can be easily made also from whom.
But this cute box cannot be made…

This Box and cute sweets…Doesn’t it sell to somewhere? I would like to buy it absolutely!!!

たまむすび町山智浩が語る「グランド・ブダペスト・ホテル」結末は「え!」となる展開 TBSラジオ赤江珠緒のたまむすび|2014/05/06.
The Darjeeling Limited ダージリン急行 29 Feb 2008
映画『ムーンライズ・キングダム』メイキング&インタビュー映像 16 Jan 2013
映画『グランド・ブダペスト・ホテル』予告編 3 Apr 2014