The BoxTrolls

The Nature Of Creation In The Boxtrolls   6 Sept 2014

Go behind the scenes in this featurette to see how the stop-motion artists at LAIKA brought the new world of The Boxtrolls to life by starting from scratch and making everything from essentially nothing. This meant reinventing things like fire, water and earth in a believable way to make the world of Cheesebridge feel as real as our own. See this and more in the making of The Boxtrolls, packing theaters 9/26/14.

Die BoxTrolls – Trailer deutsch / german HD  2 Oct 2014

Ab 23.10.2014 im Kino!

It’s HomePage,that’s fun! 

There is a game for the children who can do it in such ipad♪→

I hope this Movie has a Japanese stand-in,please!

I wonder that,me good for considering,A boy is Ota from bakusho-mondai^^

I would like to see with my son by this 3-D movie very much even in Japan!

原作:Alan Snow /”Here Be Monsters!”(2005) → 

DL picture-book site is also lovely,too♪

Meet The Boxtrolls  30 Aug 2014